In line with our direction of providing modern twists to natural gemstone jewellery at affordable prices, we have launched a new collection of natural gemstone items priced from RM199 onwards.
Because natural gemstones are formed in the Earth millions of years ago without any human interference, they inspire humans to be resilient and positively attractive in character.

Each jewelis aptly named to represent the positive qualities that they represent. Ruby symbolises Adventure, Sapphire symbolises Joy and Topaz symbolises Creativity.


Follow Your Bliss
Follow after what fuels you to be a better, happier person. It will only lead you to discover doors that open to infinite possibilities.
(From L to R)

  • Sapphire ring (RM209)
  • Ruby ring (RM209)
  • Topaz ring (RM199)      
  • Tourmaline ring (RM209)
  • Amethyst ring (RM199)
  • Emerald ring (RM209)
Spark Your Passion
Passion is not just an activity that you love. In a changing world, we long to find our purpose. Passion is that longing within you, the spirit of determination to seek a special something in life. Pay attention to what it is, and spark it like a match on fire.
• Ruby Adventure (ring RM339, pendant RM339, earrings RM449-539)
• Topaz Creativity (ring RM229, pendant RM229, earrings RM309-359)
• Sapphire Joy (ring RM369-399, pendant RM369, earrings RM449-569)

Beautiful-Wishes-(2).jpgBeautiful Wishes
Peace, Passion, Balance, or Communication - which beautiful wish shall you send to cherish your beloved? Seal the precious gift of a Natural Gemstone, with a ribbon embellished with sparkling White Topazes – a symbol of pure determination.
• Sapphire Peace (ring RM359, earrings RM369)
• Ruby Passion (ring RM359, earrings RM369)
• Amethyst Balance (ring RM189, earrings RM229)
• Topaz Communication (ring RM189, earrings RM229)

Light Your Inner Truth
In moments of quiet and darkness, always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you know. Be it Courage, Ambition or Love, your Inner Truth shines through the dark. It lights up who you are, and all those whom you befriend.
• Amethyst Courage (Ring RM339-199, Pendant RM299-149, Earrings RM249-219)
• Topaz Ambition (Ring RM339-199, Pendant RM319-149, Earrings RM269-219)
• Rose Quartz Love (Ring RM339-199, Pendant RM299-139, Earrings RM249-209)

Curious to see which gemstone would shine brightest on your skintone? Come by to try it on at our outlets in #1Utama #SunwayVelocity #SunwayPyramid