The word "kaleidoscope" is derived from the following words:

  1. Ancient Greek καλός (kalos), "beautiful, beauty",
  2. εἶδος (eidos),  "that which is seen: form, shape" and
  3. σκοπέω (skopeō), "to look to, to examine"

Hence, put together it means the "observation of beautiful forms."

Just as a child is fascinated by the pattern that a toy kaleidoscope creates, it connects us with our childlike selves.  A forgotten time when child-like creativity was truly inspiring, a time that might have become trapped as we get older.

The JEOEL Kaleido Collection is an embodiment of that creativity and inspiration. The highlights of this collection is that the earrings and pendants from this collection can be worn in at least two different ways.

The Kaleido Collection also features authentic and ethically sourced JEOEL Diamond(s). These diamonds are set in 925 sterling silver & 10K Gold. Making this accessory a truly affordable and economical way to wear diamonds. A modern day multi-tasker like you!

The JEOEL Kaleido Collection is proof that the human imagination is only bound by our own creativity and through ingenuity and innovation, every girl can fulfil their dream of owning a real Diamond.

Kaleido Daisy

The simplest design and most affordable design in the Kaleido Collection starting at RM149. Featuring single diamond with simple twist design to form almost a daisy-like flower appearance. Feel young by dancing dizzy daisy all night!
[Daisy Pendant-RM159, Daisy Earrings-RM239, Daisy Ring-RM149]

Kaleido Lucky Clover

Design reminds us of a four-leafed lucky clover. The four diamonds at each petal enhances each petal. When you start to think all of a sudden positive things start happening just because you are ‘lucky’, remember that it’s magic, magic that YOU made all by yourself. A reminder that more often than not, you have to put in the hard work to feel lucky. 
[Lucky Clover Earrings-RM239, Lucky Clover Pendant-RM259, Lucky Clover Ring RM259]

Kaleido Mini Flower

Most girls are born with the natural love for flowers. While real flowers may wither and die, the everlasting diamonds will continue sparkling and represent everlasting love. Good as a gift for partner for its symbolic meaning. Flowers remind you that anyone who has the ability to see beauty never grows old.
[Mini Flower Earrings-RM349,Mini Flower Pendant-RM219,Mini Flower Ring-RM219]

Kaleido Petals

Flowers can be found in every corner and inch of the World. People will find that in this sometimes harsh world, you will find beauty everywhere. While real flowers may wither and die, the everlasting diamonds will continue sparkling and represent everlasting love.
[Petals Earrings-RM329, Petals Pendant-RM239, Petals Ring-RM249]

Kaleido Lotus

This simple design also with a single diamond only is representative of the kaleidoscope patterns. Looking into a kaleidoscope, we can appreciate the beauty of basic patterns – repeating but forming something so beautiful.
[Lotus Pendant-RM209, Lotus Ring-RM199]


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