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Fun Precious Accessories
The newest company under the DeGem Group, JEOEL (pronounced Ju-WELL) is a home-grown brand launched in May 2014, began as a Malaysian online accessories channel. In August 2015, JEOEL ventured from e-commerce into the brick and mortar business demonstrating the brand’s expansion and further substantiating its goal to be a game changer in the accessory industry.
Accessories with a Genuine Touch
At JEOEL, the fundamental philosophy we hold close to our heart is—that wearing accessories should not only be fun and is an expression of yourself, but also to celebrate the meaningful friendship and bonds we have with our loved ones. No better way to seal that with genuineness; represented by natural gemstones.
Every Girl's Dream
Young girls have always known the existence of jewels, they are deeply embedded in folklore and bedtime stories worldwide, capturing the human imagination and desire for centuries
A promise, aUnique Blessing     with a story
All JEOEL products are made of premium quality 925 sterling silver, plated with 18K yellow, rose or rhodium, with the majority of our collection featuring the natural gemstones. Formed deep within the Earth, these jewels are symbolic of the human life – a journey through challenges, where we emerge at the end with tougher yet refined characters. 

The Products

Is an investment grade metal
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Natural gemstones formed naturally in the Earth
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